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Peapod by Stop & Shop

  • Posted by - Pat

With the summer tourism season now at peak here in Ocean County, New Jersey, it’s a great time to look at alternatives to shopping crowded ….

The New Supermarket

  • Posted by - Pat

What is in world-class supermarkets is truly amazing. The super-center is many stores under one huge roof. The departments are mini stores within the same ….


  • Posted by - Pat

I know that I am old now. I suppose people want to remember the good and forget the bad. I look back and think how ….

My love for shopping

  • Posted by - Pat

Once when we traveled across country, I made my husband stop at least once in each state to check out the major malls. I even ….

The Shrinking Dollar

  • Posted by - Pat

The economy has hurt everyone everywhere. Go to the mall. Shoppers don’t have many bags in their hands so while they may be window shopping, ….