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I was looking around for something to write about when I came upon this poem written by me in the 70’s. It was written when ….

A Simple Plea, a poem

? ? Prisoners of war; missing in action– Our almost forgotten heroes Weary, wanting to be free back home; Mothers? and fathers? sacrificed ones– Inmates ….

For the POW-MIA’s, a prayer

FOR THE POW-MIA?S O Lord of all people, Who loves all people—Muslim, Christian, and Jew– Protect us from the hatred of those who want to ….

Beau, a poem

Beautiful black baby?Beau Eyes, ever eternity’s enigma Always affectionate and amorous Usually underfoot, nursing, kneeding?

Prayer for a Departed Hero

This hero has not left us. ?He is with us watching over us. ?He remains alive in America’s heart and heritage. ?His patriotic family proudly ….

Remember When, a poem

Baby boy, Little one, Remember when you and ?your brother played tricks on Grandma? I thought I knew you… But I knew everything then.?? I ….