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Me, The Drama Queen

  • Posted by - Pat

Several years ago hubby gave me an IOU for either theater or concert tickets of my choice. It was the perfect gift for a drama ….

He’s My Baby

  • Posted by - Pat

My youngest son aged 26 complains when I call him a baby. Let’s face it. He will always be just that to me–MY BABY. I ….

WW – Cover Boy

  • Posted by - Pat

Thanks for stopping by! If you have a picture up for Wordless Wednesday, leave your link below on Mr. Linky! Then head on over to ….

Handy Hubby

  • Posted by - Pat

Hubby is again doing sweat labor in the kitchen–refinishing and refacing cabinets. He is a real handyman. Given enough time, everything must be repaired or ….

Operation Rec Room

  • Posted by - Pat

Way back in 1981 hubby decided to finish the back room out by the pool. It was going to become the rec room (no, not ….

Empty Nest – Again

  • Posted by - Pat

My youngest moved out again. Sometimes I think our front door is a revolving one. His bedroom is empty. Hubby wants to leave it like ….