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Handy Hubby

  • Posted by - Pat

Hubby is again doing sweat labor in the kitchen–refinishing and refacing cabinets. He is a real handyman. Given enough time, everything must be repaired or ….

Present Practicality

  • Posted by - Pat

I like presents like flowers, candy, perfume, real jewelry, furs. Skip things like vacuum cleaners and appliances for this girl. Hubby claims I am not ….

Some Habits Never Die

  • Posted by - Pat

Old school parochial English composition demanded correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling and usage. When one saw RED, it meant there was an error to correct. Some ….

A Faucet For A Meal

  • Posted by - Pat

“Honey, I just got the water bill and we have to cut down usage. We’ve gone over the limit again and it isn’t the dishwasher, ….

One Man, Many Gloves

  • Posted by - Pat

There are many different kinds of gloves. For outside dress, it’s leather. For outside everyday, it’s thermal. For formal, its white. For the lawn, it’s ….