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Author: Pat

For the POW-MIA’s, a prayer

  • Posted by Pat

FOR THE POW-MIA?S O Lord of all people, Who loves all people—Muslim, Christian, and Jew– Protect us from the hatred of those who want to ….

Beau, a poem

  • Posted by Pat

Beautiful black baby?Beau Eyes, ever eternity’s enigma Always affectionate and amorous Usually underfoot, nursing, kneeding?

Prayer for a Departed Hero

  • Posted by Pat

This hero has not left us. ?He is with us watching over us. ?He remains alive in America’s heart and heritage. ?His patriotic family proudly ….

Remember When, a poem

  • Posted by Pat

Baby boy, Little one, Remember when you and ?your brother played tricks on Grandma? I thought I knew you… But I knew everything then.?? I ….


  • Posted by Pat

Magical moments? Eight sets of hoofs Red-nosed reindeer Riding through the sky Yule logs aglow Candy-cane ornaments? Holly wreaths Ringing bells Infant in a manger? ….

Christmas Memories

  • Posted by Pat

Years ago my sons now 24 and 23 attended church regularly.? They went to Sunday school,? Summer Bible School, received Baptism, Penance, Holy Eucharist, Confirmation, ….