Author: Pat

Changing Market

Just before Christmas, we went WDW to see the holiday displays, Christmas, trees and gingerbread houses. The trees outside each park were gorgeous. I was ….

Model For Others

I remember when there was no sale of alcohol, tobacco, or gun in the Parks. Kids were there and Disney aimed to role-modeling. That was ….

Simply Grand

The boys started going to Disney back in 1985, The first time it was June–too hot–so we tried another season. Next was December 1985–Christmas crowds–so ….


Cut back 35 years to a rousing chorus of “Tradition,” I was young then and didn’t yet understand. Cut back again 7 years to an ….

My Two Cents

A lot of people think with all the time I have spent in both WDW and WD that I should do my own travel blog. ….

From a Service Mom

Our son went to boot camp in West Chicago over three years ago. It was hard not to hear from him then. However, it was ….

A Simple Plea, a poem

? ? Prisoners of war; missing in action– Our almost forgotten heroes Weary, wanting to be free back home; Mothers? and fathers? sacrificed ones– Inmates ….