My name is Pat. and don’t forget that period. Back when kids were only allowed to use full names, I conned my teachers into letting me use Pat. My argument was that it is an abbreviation and lots of people use them. Luckily I won that one….. Like most people I have never crazy about my given name–crazy yes, but my first name a definitive no!

People who know me say that I tell it like it is. I believe in the squeaky wheel policy. I’m used to being in the public eye. I am involved in my church, work with a local PTA, and volunteer “For God and Country” as a member of the Legion Family,

I’m a city girl at heart. I love its hustle and bustle, crowds, transportation, and window shopping. After college I moved to the Jersey shore and settled in to raise a family. The things that happen around here would make excellent soap opera.

I am the mother of four children and grandmother of seven. I have an M. A. +30. As a public school teacher now retired, I have always been and always will be a child advocate. My interests in traveling, photography, camping, reading, writing, and doing volunteer work keep me on the go.

I have visited many states and driven through many more. About the only one I have never set foot in is Alaska. Recently I decided I must see the aurora borealis. Big problem is that the northern lights usually occur in September-October and March April. Brr! It’s arctic cold then.

I just started packing for a trip to Disneyworld. I have literally been there hundreds of times before. Disappointed my parents refused to take me to Disneyland in 1955, I promised I’d go there on my own. Then they built a park in Florida so I made sure I got there twice the first year it opened. Eventually I got to Disneyland too. I keep going back to both time and time again.

Hubby and I have an RV and a timeshare. Both are a great way to relax and have fun. We enjoy the empty nest until one or another of the children (they will always be that to us), calls. Then we come a running.

I invite you to follow the trail of a bargain hunting traveler to learn where she spends her time and money. You may just be surprised at how far one little old lady can stretch a dollar and still come up with top-notch deals.


There are times that I am compensated for accepting a sponsorship or for placing an ad. The fact that I may have been compensated does not impact what I write. You will always read my honest thoughts and my opinion cannot be bought.