The 4th (Like Birthdays Early, Late and Un….)

The 4th  (Like Birthdays Early, Late and Un….)
Barnaget Bay, 2018
Viewing along the Toms River remains a tradition for us sadly broken.? Too bad Beachwood’s had been cancelled.? With unofficial displays dotting the ?landscape, memories of old times, good times flooded in.? Check out our unexpected guests who dropped by to share the sights and sounds of the night up the road at the beach.

Union Beach, 1947
The neighborhood gathered, talked, ate, drank and celebrated.? Sparklers in red, blue, silver and gold–verbotten then in New Jersey, were passed around.? How I thrilled to these fireworks colored flames!

Cliffside Park, 1957
The city’s ground displays–flags, liberty bells, eagles and such–brought crowds of onlookers like me closeup.? What artistry their bright bright varied colors and detailed designs burned!

Edgewater, 1960
The 4th of July Celebration along the Hudson River–shot from barges, high in the sky–each aerial show was simply and entirely spectacular.? The boom and crackle of its patriotic displays wowed me enough to return time and time again.

Anaheim, 1989
My childhood was over but not our sons.? My lifetime dream of visiting Disneyland happened–the best part being sharing it with family.? Like the man said, “We believed in our idea – a family park where parents and children could have fun- together.” ?As Tinkerbelle flew over our heads, we oohed and aahed at the pyrotechnics show that immediately followed.

En route to Newark from Los Angeles, 1990
My lifelong love for amusement parks spurred our return to the West Coast.? When it was time to return home, our family took the red eye.? That unique perspective had us flying high in the sky over aerial displays across the US as we shifted time zones.? We talk about it still.

WDW Choreographed, 2000
The ultimate family vacation–all eleven of us back then (the years that followed would bring more grand ones).? Hubby said it would never happen again.? What memories are made of with everyone playing nice.? Late checkout?? That is another story.

Anaheim, 2010
I always regretted not being able to share the first and original Magic Kingdom with my daughter.? Then something lucky, something wonderful happened–we both got invites to Cali and made sure our prime destination was Disneyland.? After Dumbo flew in front of us, we marveled at every burst of light.

Caribbean, 2017
Hubby and I are forever even if death do us part.? Land and Sea was a fantastic experience to renew romantic moments.? Nowhere else ?on a clear, balmy night, could fireworks so close, so bright bring its magic to us.

New Egypt, 2018
Rockin’ Fireworks with music, food, vendors…always save the best for last.

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