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Book Review: The Cozies The Legend of Operation Moonlight by T. L. Fischer

Book: The Cozies, The Legend of Operation Moonlight
Author: ?T. L. Fischer
Illustrator: Kory Fluckiger
Paperback: 283 pages
Publisher: Book Baby (October 22. 2017)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781947682016
Genre: ?Juvenile fiction
Price: $10.99
Purchase: Online

Brief Summary:
Six figments , invisible and unseen to all except a baby, helped by Great-Grandfather and the Flying Fayesband, band together to save kidnapped Bingo. Ride along with them on Dinmont then the flying ship the Dismount. Their journey from innocent country abode to evil of the city is pure imagination.

This Critic’s Review:
Canadian T. L. Fischer blends Barrie, Travers, and Dodgson into one fantastic tale. Mark this as an original adventure shaded in darkness. Diverse, non-typical characters and a sinister plot make this a read for adult-like kids and childlike adults only.

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