Disney Junior * Sheriff Callie’s Wild West: Howdy Partner DVD

Disney Junior * Sheriff Callie’s Wild West: Howdy Partner DVD

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Sheriff Callie's Wild West: Howdy Partner DVD

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West: Howdy Partner

DVD Release Date: October 13, 2015
Run Time: 110 minutes
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Walt Disney Studios
SMRP Price: ?$19.99

As I See It:
I was just four when I went to my first picture show. ?How I loved?Song of the South’s animation and its lessons on life! ?My father took me back to see it several times in that first run. ?That was long ago and long before big screen televisions?and home theaters arrived in most living rooms. ?Disney opened a lot of doors with its movies, tv series, and accompanying dvds. ?How I love to sit with my grandkids and watch things through their eyes!

Recently my?grandson and I spent an afternoon together watching?Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, a ?Disney animated show. ?It made my grandson happy. ?It made me happy too watching him sing, talk and even dance. ?Its magic lasso and a big heart brought us together.?Its lessons on life, character, and choices preschoolers especially need.

Brief Summary:
Howdy Partner is the first Sheriff Callie dvd released. ?Its heroes?calico cat Sheriff Callie and sidekicks horse Sparky,?cactus Toby, and bird Deputy Peck bring fairness, honesty, and good morals??to the Old West frontier town of ?Nice & Friendly Corners?with some?help from?singing prairie dogs.

Episodes include:
Train Bandits/A Dirty Dusty Apology
? Sparky?s Lucky Day/Peck?s Bent Beak
? Toby the Cowsitter/Callie?s Blue Jay Blues
? The Pie Thief/Fool for Gold
? Moustache Toby/Doc?s Cheatin? Chili

Accompanying Bonus:
Free “Friendly Corners” Pop-Up Playset ?for interactive fun

My Opinion Only:
Each of the Sheriff Calli ?unlinked?episodes builds from?exceptional voice acting, cute anthropomorphic animals, and tuneful ?country music scoring. ?Scripting ?stresses ?getting along with others. ?Its?110 minutes running time goes by fast. ?Tag Sheriff Calli as wholesome, educational entertainment for little ones.
Its accompanying

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