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Holiday Gift Guide * GoGo squeeZ

Holiday Gift Guide * GoGo squeeZ

Christmas has changed within my own lifetime. ? Thanksgiving and the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade ushered the holiday in. ?Decorations appeared almost magically ?not months before the holiday season. ? We joyfully celebrated traditions — live tree trimming, Christmas Eve supper, ?midnight mass, Christmas Day rounds. ?Our Twelve Days of Christmas ended with the Feast of the Magi. ?Believer ?me eagerly made my wish list for what I wanted most. ?Then I went to see Santa Claus. ?I remember whispering, “Doll.”

City families had chimneys but, most often, no fireplaces. ?Accordingly my stocking was placed in the kitchen near the stove. ?Fancy decorated stockings arrived next generation. ?It was a practical era back then. ?My mother gave me her huge nylon stocking. ?Seeing it filled with oranges, apples, assorted nuts, and hard candies still means more to me than today’s material things. ?Perhaps that is why I have collected so many pretty stockings over the years. ?They remind me….

Memories keep good times alive. ?My family now a big one still has their own designated stockings filled with trinkets, ornaments, and candies. ?This year I am adding in ?stocking GoGo squeeZ and YogurtZ stuffers. ?Like a smart lady said, ?”A foolproof idea for kids (and even adult) stockings? Our flavorful applesauce pouches. Why? They?re fridge-free, delicious, the perfect size for sock-stuffing, and come in delicious flavors like Apple Cinnamon, Apple Cherry and Apple Berry. Download our free, printable holiday pouch covers to make your stockings even more festive this year!”

Mistletoe or not, GoGo squeeZ!



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2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide * GoGo squeeZ

  1. I always tell my husband how glad I am we grew up when we did. Seems we appreciate the simpler things in life. I try to find little trinkets for my daughters stockings….but it gets harder each year to come up with new ideas. GoGoSqueez would be a great addition to stockings.

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