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Earth Day Partnership with Give Back Box

Earth Day Partnership with Give Back Box

Back in antiquity meaning fifty years ago, my beautiful baby girl entered this world and together we moved into our first ( well both first and second mortgaged) home. No charity care or government assistance for us whatsoever, I went back to work when she was 24 days old. No money in the bank, some well used furniture, a semi-automatic mangle clothes washer, a clothes line, one old car, we got by on a tight budget paying all of our bills on time even her hospital one in full since we had no medical insurance back then. Coupons, clearance, and closeouts became my best friends.

How I loved dressing Bunny! How she hated my fussing! Must haves included hat, coat, tiny pocketbook, dress (sailor of course), socks, patent leather mary janes, and new underwear. The boardwalk, its egg hunt, its Easter parade, and one big chocolate rabbit as big as her later, these are good memories.

Which brings me to my biggest oops…. Several washings later Bunny?s underwear had stretched out, its elastic disintegrated. Her tees drooped onto her arms. Her panties dropped…I?ll say no more. This experience taught me a couple of things.
#1 Buy only quality underwear.
#2 Read all manufacturer washing instructions.
That?s when I switched to to Hanes. It was the end of droopy drawers. I also bought new lingerie–tops as well as bottoms. Time moved on.

Hanes?s ?Gentlemen Prefer Hanes? caught my attention. It was an easy sell–comfort and durability at affordable pricing. Hubby?s tighty whiteys needed replacing as did three sons out of diapers rebelling at underoos while claiming they were big boys not babies. Luckily I love to shop. In with the new crew, ankle, no show and dress socks, boxers and briefs, crews, v-necks, and tees. Out into the garbage with the old. Donating used underwear just isn?t done even though people really need it.

I wish Hanes?s Give Back Box? was around back then. Everyone was growing faster than Jack’s beanstalk and I hated putting in great outeerwear into donation bins that often became rags. I received a request from Hanes this morning inviting me to spread the word:

Join Hanes this month in celebrating Earth Day, and doing what we can to help reduce, re-use and recycle. Hanes has partnered with Give Back Box? to make it easier for you and your reader to give life to your old clothes. Those clothes will be donated to help those in need. In addition, for every box of outerwear you donate to Give Back Box?, Hanes will donate new underwear (up to 1,000 packages).

I?ve started cleaning closets and draws already giving life to old clothes. What about you? Donate to those in need, and Hanes will dothe same. For every box of essentials that you send to Give Back Box?, Hanes will match your donation with new underwear.

Find out more at # UnderWearOnUs

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