Wholesale Costume Club Made Me My Special Princess

Wholesale Costume Club Made Me My Special Princess


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When Star Wars was initially released, someone described it as a space cowboy movie. Thinking it was somewhat a spaghetti western, I missed it in first run. However, when it garnered ten Oscar nominations, I decided perhaps I’d better reconsider. I’m glad that I did. Now I can’t get enough Star Wars.

For years I bemoaned that George Lucas abandoned his plan for a third trilogy. But now the events after A New Hope have been revealed in The Force Awakens, another installment The Last Jedi is due at Christmas, and still another after that. I had the initial two trilogies on VHS. They since have been replaced on DVD. I wish George Lucas had remained at the helm. One of my biggest joys and trills was seeing him in 2011 for the Star Tours: The Adventures Continue opening ceremony. That revamped Star Tours simulator ride periodically updated with 50+ possible scenarios is always a surprise, always a thrill.

Maybe that is why I enjoyed Hollywood Studios Star Wars Weekends. You can’t imagine the kick I got out of going to them in my Princess Leia costume. Would you actually believe people asked to me to take pictures with them? Years ago my oldest son collected with Star Wars toys. He was lucky I decided to pass his on since I too have a collection.P1020202pl_1

Cheers for R2D2, C3PO, Chewie, Yoda, the woks! Boo to the dark side! A Star Wars party with its parade, motorcade, character meet and greet, talk shows, Star Tours ride, intergalactic dance party, symphony beneath the stars, fireworks, was a very special a huge meet and greet. I wish that WDW would bring that experience “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….” back.

No Halloween party or masquerade ball can touch a Star Wars Weekend. It was the ultimate galactic event. With attendees like George Lucas, the Alliance, and the Rebels, proper attire is always the order of the day. Just look at me and my escort R2D2 dressed for the occasion compliments of Wholesale Costume Club.

I can’t tell you how many compliments, picture requests, and autograph requests I got in my costume. This fashionista styled big time as Princess Leia. Some in attendance at Hollywood Studios even thought I was a cast member.

I’ll be back in Disney Studios soon. Who will I be? Certainly not myself. I really have lots of choices. Wholesale Costume Club carries sizes for infant/toddlers, children, adults, and pluses and h its great deals all year long not seasonal All Hallows Eve.

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