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Christmas Memories and A Boy and a Dolphin

Christmas Memories and A Boy and a Dolphin

I grew up in another world–a gentler one full of common courtesies, togetherness, kindness. How the world changed in the generations who followed me! Common courtesies like “please” or “thank you” are less spoken. Families share few meals and less family traditions together. Cold hearts echo Ebenezer Scrooge’s “Bah humbug”. There is too much ME FIRST in most people. Luckily some innocents still bless us.

About a week ago a random act of kindness touched me. In Sea World for its Winter Wonderland on Ice, I stopped to pick up a special annual pass holder holiday ornament. It turned out that the 12+ month Fun Pass I just purchased is not an annual pass. (Go figure.) Of course I was disappointed.

Then as I was about to leave, a little boy of about ten came up to me. He handed me a shiny blue box and said, “This is for you.” In my hand was his beautiful dolphin ornament. Speechless and at a loss, my eyes moistened with tears of joy and hope.

I remember asking him his name, where he was from, and where was his mother. Hesitantly I continued with, “Are you sure? Don’t you want this for yourself? Will your mom be OK with this?” He remained steadfast, adamant. At a loss for words, I stammered, “Thank you.” That ornament to me is worth its weight in gold because he took from himself and gave something of his heart.

Now I say “Thank you,” once again. One random act of kindness has renewed my faith and hope in the future. Christmas is about love. Now it is time for me to pass it on.

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