Well, I Read It In The Papers

Well, I Read It  In The Papers

One of the biggest compliments given me ever is that ?my English is precise. ?To?me that means I speak, read, and write well. ?So just what is my problem with Kohls’s Black Friday advertisements?

Frankenstorm Sandy hit the shore?hard. ?Its flood waters stopped ?seven houses from my doorstep. Home supplies and repairs cut deeply into the budget when neither FEMA nor insurance covered any damage. Money is tight in a tough economy. ? Still it’s Christmastime and the gift-giver in me wants to give back with perfect gifts for those I love who love me and ?have given me so much.

Accordingly, I decide I will do Black Friday with one caveat–online. I generally avoid all doorbuster shopping in stores. ?The throngs of shoppers who flock to the stores, line up for hours, storm the doors, and jam the aisles?battling for a big box steal of a deal, just isn’t my style. ? I’m the frugal one who?searches instead for bargains year-round even beginning shopping the day after Christmas for the year to come. I always make sure to read both disclaimers?and fine print. Common sense demands smart shoppers know the rules.

Kohls preview ?ads are inviting. ?It isn’t so much their pricing but the $15 Kohls Cash incentive for every $50 purchased. ?I select a couple of special items…. ?Finally 12:01 A. M. November 21 arrives. ?I go online. ?None of the items advertised that I want to order appear. ?I call Customer Service. ?A rep advises since they are not on EST but are on CST?to call back in an hour. ?I do. Situation has not changed. ?I continue to do this hourly until about 3:30 A. M. here. ?I speak to reps and escalate to supervisors more than once. ?I learn that items still have not been logged in on the online site. ?I am advised to call back in the morning.

I call back many times that Monday. ?Finally a supervisor says that the items I have selected to order will not be available until Thanksgiving Day. ?What can I do but call back Turkey Day?

Of course, I am back online at 12:01 A. M. my time with the logic that even though the company is in Minnesotta, my circular is local. ?Items are still not in the system. ?I continue to phone customer service regularly then escalating while simultaneously contacting Kohls via email to detail the situation.

Somewhere in those hours a supervisor advises that the PS4 Gaming System Bundle never went in with the company dedicating all of this item to stores. ?Hm, it is still being advertised as being available both ONLINE AND IN STORES. ?Just what does the phrase ONLINE AND IN STORES mean to you?

From November 21 on, I request that Kohls correct its advertising and/or pull its advertising. Neither happens ever. Kohls (per its Office of the President ACE Executive Correspondence Advisor) formally declined. I am positive that its printed circulars misled many more people than me.

As a child advocate, public advocate, and self advocate I want to share my own personal experience with all readers. You may want to google Eyewitness News abc7 (Thursday, December 8, 2016, 5:39 P. M.)on the series of lawsuits being filed for using price schemes. And, please, if you have time this busy season, share your experiences as well as what you think.

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