Review – Schwinn The Biking Board Game

Review – Schwinn The Biking Board Game

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Schwinn The Biking Board Game

National Biking Month should not be just one month. Rather it should be all year. Biking is many things–transport, recreation, exercise, sport. Did you know that since bicycles were invented in the 1900’s that there are more than 1 billion of them worldwide today?

I remember the unadulterated joy of playing on my tricycle. I also remember the terror of learning to ride my first full size two-wheeler WITHOUT training wheels. Back in those simpler times, I never expected to find that kind of ride in rehab.

With that said, the family does things together stays together more often than not. I remember the fun my parents and I had reading, doing puzzles, and playing cards, puzzles and board games. Believe it or not, BE (meaning Before Electronics), archaeologists have shown board games were played 4,600 years ago in Mesopotamia. Also, still played Pachisi dates back to the 16th Century or earlier. Boy would I love one that inspires my family to spins yarns about the past, blurt out secrets of the present, and dreams of places beyond our imaginations!

Hey! That board game just could be Schwinn The Biking Board Game (SMRP $24.99) made by Education Outdoors. Contents include a foldout game board,199 game cards wit 400 questions and 99 fun facts; a decoder; 8 bike pawns; 1 die; 16 level cards; off road card. Its game play (much like Trivial Pursuit )lows up to 8 players ages 4 and up is 4 level multigenerational allows 2-8 players ages 4 and up. Rules are simple although a few confusing instructions may necessitate some clarifying with house rules.

Road, creek, forest, mountain, where will your ride? Is your lifestyle active? Do you know bike safety. It;’s time to show and tell. Since this Schwinn board games promotes active well-being,

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