DVD Review – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Monster Musical

DVD Review – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:  Mickey’s Monster Musical

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Monster Musical

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Monster Musical

  • DVD Release Date: September 8, 2015
  • Studio: Disney Junior
  • Genre: Animated
  • Rating: TVY
  • Run Time: 115 minutes
  • Number of discs: 1
  • SMRP: $19.99

As I See It:

I love all my grandkids, each and every one. Their three to nineteen years brings different joys, different challenges, different stories. I really must share this one with you.


AL aged four was visiting for a few days.??He knows Grammy reviews things many things including children’s books, toys, and DVD’s. I had popped Mickey’s Monster Musical into the DVD earlier in the day for him and me. When over, we did an instant replay then shut it off when our pizza delivery arrived. We chowed down in the kitchen, swapped interesting tidbits, then returned to the den to relax and make family plans. As I clicked on the computer, the little guy ran up to me all excited, handed me the Mickey’s Monster Musical DVD, and requested I review it “now.” Everyone laughed because we all knew exactly what he meant. It was his way of telling me that he liked the video enough to want to see it again (at bedtime of course). Fact is I didn’t mind one bit; Mickey Mouse ClubHouse is family-friendly solid entertainment.


Official Disney Synopsis:

Put on your favorite Halloween costume and get set for a spooktacular full-length adventure. Visit the creaky castle of kindly ?Count Mickula? and help your Clubhouse pals solve a puzzling riddle: Who, or what, is making a curious clanging, banging noise? With the right Monster Mouseketools and help from YOU, this mystery will soon be history! Then, enjoy two more exciting episodes as you search for pirate treasure with Captain Mickey and don your dungarees for delightful fun down on the farm. Packed with singing, dancing, laughter and surprises, Mickey?s Monster Musical is a high-spirited treat that can?t be beat.

Episodes include:

  • Mickey?s Monster Musical, Part 1 & 2
  • Mickey?s Pirate Adventure, Part 1 & 2
  • Mickey?s Farm Fun Fair


  • Minnie’s Bow Toons: Tricky Treats


  • Exclusive Trick-or Treat Mini Tote

This Critic’s Opinion:

Readers, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Monster Musical is the perfect Halloween trick or treat for your favorite little one(s). Episodes featuring Mickey and his friends visiting to Count Mickula, Grandpappy Captain Goof-Beard letter, farm animals, and sticky treats can be enjoyed again and again. Shown individually or style, these CGI episodes are all
safe and sweet, sweet, sweet without the cavities. Smart quick thinker pre-schooler AL had many different videos available here yet he chose Disney.

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