Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, Baltimore/Washington, D.C. Castle

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, Baltimore/Washington, D.C. Castle

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Hubby has been away, on the road too long so I suggested rendezvousing with him outside D. C. for the weekend. Too bad the best laid plans of mice and men go astray. Along with brutal cold and my getting lost, my drive down was fraught with departure delays, a dead battery, and a tire low on air. That four hour max trip took six+ hours. Best describe it as a trip to hell without redemption until Hubby and #3 Son drove to rescue me.

The late supper, TV, and long conversations that followed made me confident the next day would be better. After breakfast in the hotel, Hubby and #3 Son were off on some errands. What better time to go shopping? Destination #1 Kohls then Destination #2 Arundel Mills Mall…didn’t happen. It snowed and snowed and snowed. ? I reasoned to myself, “Who cares about shopping? My two handsome men are?going to escort me to Medieval Times this?evening for a show I truly relish.” Drat! Luck was against me again and it was a cold day in hell literally.


When we drove to the mall,?everything was closed or closing including our dinner and tournament. Back to?our room?for some game changing plans for the morrow,?Hubby quickly rearranged his own schedule,?suggested I postpone my departure by?one more day, then proposed?we attend the ?show the next evening?to?celebrate chivalry, rivalry, revelry. Done deal.


When we arrived at its Baltimore castle just outside D. C., we found a time machine had transported us back ?a millennium in time to feudal Spain. King Carlos, Princess Catalina, the Lord Chancellor, the Royal Falconer, the Master of the Horse, the good knights and their squires were all there as was the dark Herald of the North.

I have been to other Medieval Times before, but this time was something different. It was the best ever. After admiring the decor and a falcon close up, we went into its entrance hall. That gathering place complete with bar, dance floor, torture museum, photo and souvenir shops, set the stage for the spectacle within its arena. I toast: To honor, to bravery, to a night to remember.

DSC00503mt_1Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is a re-enaction of 11th Century complete to its period coat of mail, arms and armor costuming, combat javelin, sword, spear, and lance weaponry, equestrian showmanship, and only fingers no utensils chicken and rib banquet.

Its strong white/gray Andalusian war horses performing elegant feats of dressage like the capriole, passeo, lassoer, piaffe and passage, and Spanish walk stop the show. Its six performing knights exhibit of horsemanship and hand-to-hand skills thrill the audience.

On our way into the castle, I had had the opportunity to see the master falconer with her bird of prey closeup outside the castle doors.

I had been well-assured the public was not hunting quarry and was entirely safe. That made seeing the falcon?soaring overhead completely awesome?and fast.


Boo to the villain!


Our party had the best seats in the house, first row center. ?Can you imagine how thrilled this old lady was when for she caught the flower that her invincible champion Black & White Don Iafre Creu threw?

Yes, he won the tourney.

They say that good things come to those who wait. The?Medieval Times?family dinner show performance ?we attended was 10 out of 10, the best ever. ?Our package included crowns, framed entrance group photo, VIP seating, commemorative program, knights cheering banner, Behind the scenes” DVD –everything but alcohol.


My daughter-in-law dared ask, “How many times can you go to Medieval Times?” My answer in one word, “Infinite.” Here’s why. ?There are nine Medieval Times at present in North America. They have stood the test of time while others like Arabian Nights have failed. Their riders are expert professionals. Their casts know how to please its audience. Dinner/tournaments are unique, ever changing because their participants differ. ?I go for the theatrical sports of the show not for gourmet food, but I have to admit I appreciate?its?ample, tasty meal.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is located in Arundel Mills Mall at 7000 Arundel Mills Circle, Hanover Maryland 21076.

You can also learn more on the Medieval Times website, and on social media on Facebook and Twitter.

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