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Book Review: Autism Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Book Review:  Autism Causes, Prevention and Treatment

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Autism Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Autism Causes, Prevention and Treatment

  • Author: John J. Cannell, M. D.
  • Genre: Adult non-fiction/medicine
  • Pages: 192
  • Publisher: Sunrise River Press (April, 2015)
  • ISBN: 9781934716465
  • SMRP: $19.95

Me, I live in a town with a documented autism cluster. Sometimes I wonder is there something unhealthy here causing it. Other times I wonder if it is because the town’s public schools excellent autism program draws people to move here from other districts. My interests in children, education, and health made me want to know more about autism. Unheard of in my early years, most certainly its diagnosis continues to grow in alarming numbers.

Many theories about autism’s causes–genetic disorder, genetic damage, vaccinations, body inflammation, autoimmune disease, mitochondrial disease, toxins, serotonin–already exist. Add to them another one namely Dr. John Cannell’s sunlight/vitamin D deficiency. Autism is a spectrum disorder now affecting 1 in 68. Describe its $2,400,000 lifetime cost and yearly 12% diagnosis increase for the last twenty years as epidemic. If antibiotic streptomycin made the cure of TB a reality, if Salk’s vaccine prevented poliomyelitis, what should the public know about Cannell’s new treatment protocol?

Brief Summary:

Dr. Cannell briefly describes autism, possible causes, his theory, lifestyle changes, vitamin D deficiency, skin color, sunscreen, the effect of supplements, safety, his recommendations then concludes that it will be years before needed research is done.

My Opinion Only:

Autism Causes, Prevention and Treatment is written for the layman. As such it is not a highly scientific technical document. Having stated that, it gives pause for the reader to think and consider. As a member of the A. M. A. Dr. Cannell is a proponent on the importance of vitamin D in health. If I were a caretaker of an autistic child, next well visit I would discuss his protocols with my physician and follow through accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Autism Causes, Prevention and Treatment

  1. Sounds like an interesting read. Autism is one of those things that the meaning can be different depending on what doctor you ask. I always seek new information on it; as a teacher and someone who has it in the family, I like learning about it.

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