What To Wear While Hiking In Cold Weather

What To Wear While Hiking In Cold Weather

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I have never minded walking. Over recent years it’s become harder and harder for me to do. I’ve never walked as a form of sport or fitness or hobby, so I really don’t know what people that do wear. Sam shared some tips on what to wear when hiking that I thought sounded sensible. I’m sharing them with you with permission.

Perfect Summer Walking Apparel on a Cold Day

Hiking in cold weather doesn’t have to mean wearing the thickest, bulkiest clothing to keep warm. It’s still possible to wear summery apparel on cold days if hikers choose their walking clothes carefully. Learning to successfully layer garments is one key to looking great while walking in cold weather, but also staying warm and cozy. Here are a few simple to tips on choosing the right sportswear that?ll keep you comfortable during a cold weather.

Cold Weather Walking Gear

Of course, the apparel that you will wear depends on the intensity of your exercise. Walkers hitting the moorland, mountains or hills are well advised to source walking apparel from appropriate outdoor retailers. Anybody walking locally available routes or out for the day exploring new surroundings can still look fantastic, no matter how cold the weather.

Apply Layers

Wear three layers of breathable apparel. Make sure that each piece is chosen carefully. The base layer should be breathable to create warm air around the body. Avoid cotton as a base layer as it soaks up moisture, so at times of exertion during the day sweating causes the cotton layer to become wet and clammy. Bright T-shirts and pieces made from acrylic or polyester are good choices for a summery base layer when spending cold day’s hiking. The second layer is aimed at keeping the hiker warm through the day. Stylish sweaters in natural wool are a great choice as they trap all the body heat.


Lower body and legs will stay warm, cozy and dry if you will choose a thick pair of colored tights or leggings, and pair it up with a stylish long skirt and comfortable boots. Adding woolen socks will protect you against blisters or other foot injuries and also ensure feet remain warm and dry throughout the day.

This basic outfit gives an elegant appearance, while ensuring the walking clothes are suitable for the day’s activities and keep the wearer warm.

Jacket or Coat

The final third layer of clothing is an essential on any winter’s day outing and should consist of a good quality jacket or coat which adds waterproof protection if weather conditions deteriorate. The first two layers of clothing should provide enough warmth and can be accessorized with appropriate scarves, gloves or mittens to a stylish effect, while the coat is an essential which can be carried in a rucksack until required.

What tips can you share?

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