What To Get For New Babies

New Baby Stork

One of my favorite things to shop for is baby things. I love baby clothes especially. It has been a while since I had my own children, but I do have many grandchildren. My youngest grandchild is approaching two. I’m not really that out of practice when it comes to what to buy for new babies, but then again times and trends are constantly changing. Here’s a guest post from Lynn on buying new baby gifts.

If you have a new baby in the family, you may not be sure which types of toys, clothes or products are the best gift. You may be able to check the parent’s gift registry when buying for a newborn to be sure that your gift is appreciated and useful. Gifts for older babies can be fun instead of practical. You will find that some of the best products are those that provide both entertainment and function when buying for the smallest people on your gift list.

Baby essentials like diapers and swaddling blankets are staples for the first year of life. Most parents will appreciate gifts that are practical. You will definitely want to consider buying organic products that are specifically designed for babies if you are purchasing shampoo, lotion or other grooming products. Babies have very sensitive skin that requires products that won’t cause dryness or allergies. There are a wide range of organic bath products on the market today. Try making a simple basket of bath supplies along with a cute hooded towel for new parents to use during the first months after baby’s arrival.

Clothes are another useful gift for babies. Opt for a seasonal item, such as sports themed outfits for babies during football season, to make your gift stand out from the rest. You can find your favorite team and choose a one piece or two piece outfit that can be worn anytime of the year. Most babies will grow out of clothes quickly. You will want to make sure you check the baby’s size to ensure your gift will fit well. A matching hat is the perfect addition to add to any outfit that you buy for babies under one.

Toys are another popular option. If you want to purchase a toy, make sure that you take the time to check the age recommendation on the packaging. Some toys aren’t appropriate for babies and toddlers under the age of three. Some popular options include stuffed dolls and animals, cloth building blocks and musical toys. Newborns prefer toys that are made with contrasting colors like black and white. Older babies and toddlers like colorful dolls, bears and blocks. Whether you are choosing a practical gift or something fun, there are many options available for your new family member.

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