Review Of Blue Orange Games Spot It! and Niya

Review Of Blue Orange Games Spot It! and Niya

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I am not much into electronic gaming. It is not that I frown on flicking-finger games. Rather it is that I enjoy human dynamics. Enjoying cards and games with people is my style. I especially enjoy playing games with my grandchildren. Recently I came upon Spot It! Alphabet Disney Frozen perfect for little ones 3+.


Spot It! is a card game for two to eight players. Its decorated tin holds 55 round cards covered with both alphabet and Frozen graphics. Only one match between cards is possible. Whoever finds it and spots it first wins the card. Mini-games that one can also play play include Twins, The Tower, and The Well. Depending on the game, whoever wins or gets rid of all the cards wins the game.


My Thoughts:
I appreciate most good road games–simple directions, compact size, quick playing time. Blue Orange has come up with a great toy that will travel well when it is not played at home. Spot It! allows children to learn their ABC’s as well as focusing, paying attention, and learning how to win and lose while socializing. It’s fun. 3 year old AL loves this game. One thing I noticed though is the difference in sizes between the same pictures confused him.


Blue Orange also makes games for ages 8-adult. Bruno Cathala’s elegant two-player Niya is a strategy game set in the Garden of Conspiracy in the Imperial Gardens of Japan. Players replace double sided garden tiles with clan tokens with an element common to the previous tile. Goal is position a row, square, or blockade to win.Playing time averages 20 minutes. Niya can be purchased in toy stores, game stores, and on line. Its SMRP is $13.99.


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