Soft & Dri Deodorant – So Everyday Can Be A Pink Day

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National Pink Day should be everyday not Just June 23, and we as women deserve to feel pretty, confident, and appealing. ?But what can we do in these dog days of summer when we are hot, perspiring, sweaty?

Once upon a time there was only cream in a jar or a liquid–inconvenient, messy but necessary to hide BO. ?Then came liquid roll-ons, solid sticks, and spray deodorants. They apply quickly and easily. ?No more stink because they stop bacteria. ?Invisible, clear, available in a variety of scents, what an improvement!

Stay dry and say goodbye to body odor with long-lasting?Soft & Dri. ?This deodorant, priced from $3.99 to $5.99, is made for especially for women so it is?gentle on the skin. Available in?scents like Soft Scent,?Everfresh?Blossom, and Sweet Bliss, be assured “no sweat” that Soft & Dri?DriGel, Aerosol, Clinical Protection, and Aluminum Free really work.

I still can’t figure out which I like best the sprays I use at home or the gels I pack for the road.

You can learn more on the Soft & Dri website.

What style deodorant do you prefer?

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    1. Thank goodness they have improved formulations. Old sticks used to leave flaky residue that stained the clothes.

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