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Book Review – Social Death by Tatania Boncompagni

Book Review – Social Death by Tatania Boncompagni

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Social Death book

Social Death

  • Author: Tatania Boncompagni
  • Genre: Fiction, crime
  • Reading level: Adult
  • Paperback: 299 pp.
  • Publisher: Tudor City Press (2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 97809989909402
  • Price: $12.99

Brief Summary:

Cornelia, AKA Clyde, Shaw has built her career as FirstNews lead producer on brutal crimes but the brutal murder of childhood best friend NYC socialite Olivia Kravis changes her life. Their whole lives their family history has been entertained.

Olivia’s last text, “We need to talk. It’s time you know the truth,” pulls her into a web of money, fame, and deceit. What was the scandalous secret that caused her death? Whodunit–Rachel Rockwell, Andrew Kaminski, or someone else?Why do Olivia’s father Charles Kravis, mother Monica Kravis, and sister Delphine Lamonty stall her murder investigation?

Even with her own life and job are in jeopardy, booze-men-bad decisions scarred Clyde persists. When she solves the murder, she begins to solve her own life issues as well.

My Opinion Only:
Gritty, grizzly is today’s news. Author Tatania Boncompagni serves it well. The dialog she writes well fits each of its from all walks of life fictional cast. She makes them real. I enjoyed quick read Social Death. Were Boncompagni to spin off her central character Clyde Shaw into a sequel, I’d be delighted.

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