My boys love their toys


What exactly is the difference between men and boys? The price of their toys. Little boys hold tiny cars in their hands as they creep about the floors. Older ones gravitate to the remote variety. With the later teen years comes the first car, usually a jalopy. Others follow. with much luck and prosperity this progression culminates in the dream car–Mercedes or whatever.

As luck would have it I have a husband, three sons, and two grandsons all fixated with cars. They all seem to think of themselves as NASCAR drivers. Toy cars in all sizes from Matchbox to Big Tonkas came first, then model cars, then radio-controlled cars, all leading up to customizing street cars. Now working on one’s own car seems to work well for them. My Mr. Fix-Its just don’t trust shop mechanics.

They love to play in the oil and grease. I hate the sight of my driveway decorated with so many parts that the engine resembles a Tinkertoy. I loath the dirty, grimy dirt and spills. You couldn’t count how many times I hear, “You just don’t understand.”

OK, I don’t.

While the boys are having their dreams, I am having my own nightmares of what will come next. I am hearing far too many complaints about jacks, ramps, and creepers. I know what this is leading to a request for an auto lift, better yet two auto lifts in the garage. I’m starting to think I need something like the goconnect real estate checklist to manage all of their requests and complaints. Would lifts be a bad idea? Hmmm. I have asked the guys to clean out their garage so they can put their stuff into it so I can fit my car into mine. If they thought auto lifts were in the works then they would have to get rid of–well that’s another story.

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