Medieval Times Dinner Theater, Orlando FL

Medieval Times Dinner Theater, Orlando FL

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Medieval times were feudal times, turbulent times, violent times, Life was either hard work or boring. Only nobility and knights had wealth, power, status. Only they were allowed to dress fashionably. Foods were simple–meat, fish, game birds, fruit, bread with herbs and spices only for the rich. Drinks were ale, mead, cider, and wine not unclean dirty water.


How does one explain Middle English romances, courtly love, wars, and tournaments to anyone perhaps a thousand years later? The entertaining way is to attend Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.


I am a regular at the Orlando dinner show (see my May 20, 2011 and November 1, 2012 posts). I enjoy chivalry, rivalry, and revelry. How about you? Orlando’s castle complete with drawbridge, moat, and detailed doors doesn’t have a bad seat in the house. The huge stadium arena is the perfect show place for great horsemanship, equestrian kill, dressage, beautiful white Spanish horses complimented by the speed, agility, and beauty of falconry.

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His Majesty’s Royal Feast includes no utensils, oven roasted chicken, garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, herb-roasted potato, spare rib, pastry of the castle, and select non-alcoholic beverages. (A vegetarian menu and a children’s menu is also available.) The two hour tournament has six knights dressed in mail , lamellar , and plate armor competing with long swords, pole arms, crossbows, espada, mandibles, alabardas, bolas, maces, lances and even a canon as weapons.


Now this is the way to educate an audience. Growing up my kids called me medieval. Not true! Not true! Medieval times meaning the 11th through 15 centuries centered on a male-dominated society. Time changes everything. Now this is the 21st century and like the commercial goes, “We’ve come a long way, baby.” Suffrage, political equality, social culture, and financial equalities are real. We are are what we make of ourselves.

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Medieval Times is located at 4510 W. Irlo Bronson Highway, Kissimmee, Florida 34746. Go to for information and reservations. They are also on Facebook and Twitter. Other Medieval Times locations include Atlanta, Georgia; Baltimore/Washington D. C.; Buena Park, California; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Lynhurst, New Jersey; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and Toronto, Ontario.

Have you ever been to Medieval Times?


15 thoughts on “Medieval Times Dinner Theater, Orlando FL

  1. Looks like a great time indeed. I would love to go here some day because I love Medieval times. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My kids went to the Medieval Times in Buena Park, CA just a month ago. We heard about the cider, but Buena Park did not have it. My kids were disappointed with the beverage choices, but they loved the show!

  3. I have been to midevil times and had a blast, it is something I will always remember. Terrific review, you have reminded me that I should take the kids!

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