Is Your Garage Organized?

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My garage is a packed. You can barely move in some parts of it. I tell hubby to work on cleaning it out but he is a packrat and hates to let go of things. The garage I’m referring to (we have two of them) is a normal size. You can barely walk in there because of the amount of stuff. I dream of it being neat and organized one day. Sam put together thoughts on organizing, which I am sharing here with you.

Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead garage storage is often the best way to make sure that every square inch in the garage is used for good. The garage is the place where many families store their extra items, but the garage can become overused when it gets cluttered. Getting rid of the clutter is a matter of installing an overhead storage system. The storage system comes in a few forms, and the homeowner must choose the system that makes the most sense for their home.


There are rail systems that will hold large storage containers up against the ceiling. These bins will slide on and off the rails easily, and the bins can be organized flush with the ceiling. This makes the best use of the space, and the rails can be lowered to the liking of the homeowner. Also, extra rails can be installed to create more than one layer of the bins.


Using ceiling hooks is a good way to hang bikes and toys from the ceiling. Also, these hooks are helpful in making sure that chairs and tables can be hung from the ceiling. A high ceiling is a great place to hang items, and the use of this space saves so much room on the floor.

Pull Down Units

There are nice pull down units that people can install to make their storage units as easy as possible to access. The unit can pull down like attic stairs, and the unit can be pushed back up when the homeowner is done. These units work like plastic storage bins, but they are built-in. The homeowner who may move or sell their home may want to use bins rather than pull down units.

The Tools

The tools that are kept in the garage are often very hard to store. A rail system on the side of the garage or ceiling allows for every tool to be kept together. Many people do not need a tool box because the tools can be put on the ceiling and out of the way.

There are many ways to organize a garage, but using one of the systems above makes it easy. The homeowner must read more, choose the best way to organize their garage and install that system today.

Is your garage neat and organized or is it cluttered?

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