How Boats Carry Equipment For Water Sports


We live in a shore community. We had a boat or two back when the kids were young, but haven’t had one now in many years. We frequently see a lot of boats out on the bay and I’ve often wondered how they transport some of the things they use for water sports, considering the boat isn’t all that big. Jack shared one way to do it, which I’m now sharing with you here.

Water sports often require special equipment that must be installed onto small power boats. Standard motorized watercraft have very limited space to carry along any large gear and accessories. For an activity such as wakeboarding, special towers need to be mounted directly onto the boat that is hauling the surfer. Wakeboards can be easily placed onto the special racks that are installed on such towers.

The composition of boat towers is primarily aluminum with some other metal alloys such as reinforced gauge steel. The interior of the tubing may be hollow as part of a lightweight design while maintaining strength and structural integrity. Powder coatings are also applied directly over the surface of wakeboard towers. The applications provide protection from corrosion and other damage caused by saltwater. After all, wakeboarding is best enjoyed on the seas and oceans rather than calm waters such as lagoons and rivers.

The width of most wakeboard towers is adjustable in a standard range between 54 and 108 inches. Such measurements are compatible with the widths of most small power boats. A telescoping design in the towers is also convenient for installation. Pre-drilled holes speed up the installation process that requires only a handful of heavy duty fasteners. Some boat towers have a collapsible design that reduces drag when the boat is traveling back to shore after a fun wakeboarding adventure. On average, a typical boat tower can store at least four standard size wakeboards. Ropes and cables can be used to securely tie the boards to the frame of the tower. A site like and other stores are examples of wakeboard tower suppliers.

Some boat owners also install biminis on top of wakeboard towers. The biminis are essentially canvas canopies that provide some shade and cover from precipitation. These structures are very lightweight and durable. Extra racks can also be attached to boat towers to provide some more storage space for some hardware and other heavy loads. Boat towers could also be fitted with light bars that provide essential illumination during cloudy, foggy and dark conditions.

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