Downy Wrinkle Release Plus Review

The product featured was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. Please note that any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.


The Twentieth Century?s beginning years were marked by immigration, minimal compulsory schooling, and child labor..? America meant new hopes, new dreams, and better lives. ? This did not come easily.? Those just off the boats faced the realities of living in America–its foreign language, making livings, and families left behind in the Old World,.? Is it a wonder that in need of food and shelter many fathers? and children labored?

My mother was a hard-working, respectful woman who loved her family. ?I knew? early on that she had dropped out of school at eleven in fourth grade to work in a large commercial laundry.? My queries as to why always received the response, ?We needed the money.?? My queries why her brothers didn?t leave as well always received the response, ?They were boys.?? Maybe that is what drove me as the first woman on the maternal side of my family to value education, complete high school, complete college, complete a masters then go on for more post-graduate work.

The experiences of youth become the habits of time.? Mom had no washing machine or clothes dryer whatsoever until she was sixty.? She remained faithful to her laundry tub, washboard, soap, bluing, bleach,? starch, clothes pins and clothes line.? She scoffed at perma-press as she ironed everything–linens, clothes, undies, even diapers.? Like mother like daughter–certainly not me.? I refused be a washer woman.? I used commercial laundries until I could afford an automatic (actually semi-automatic) washer. ? Yet, alas,? I could not escape my big, heavy steam iron.


Those who follow my posts know I enjoy travel. ? I?m the frugal lady who refuses to pay for extra baggage.? I?m the lady who feels compelled to use every ounce of her forty pound allotment in one carryon suitcase.? Yikes!? Wrinkle city? I admit to this until…..

One load of clothes washed, dried, ready to be ironed then folded NOT.? Enter Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus. ? I took out a bottle of new improved Downy-finer mist, broader? coverage. ? Literally no sweat, just hand smoothing,, I could not believe how it delivered on every promise.


Downy Wrinkle Releaaser Plus is sold in a one liter bottle for $6.99, a 500 ml bottle for $4.19, and a three ounce size for $1.99.? It is available at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Kroeger, Publix and many other grocery, drug,and mass retailers.

You can learn more on the Downy website, and also if you connect with Downy on Facebook and Twitter.

How do you deal with wrinkles?

8 thoughts on “Downy Wrinkle Release Plus Review

  1. It is truly a wonder bottle! We have it in our house too and love it! Easy to use and no more busting out the iron!

    1. No more daily ironing for this gal although I stil have my spray starch and steam iron ready for dress shirts and their ilk.

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