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I regularly support several nonprofit organizations. Amber gave me permission to share her thoughts on things to consider when making a donation, and a cause that she recently learned about.

Make a Donation and Feel Better About Yourself Today

It only takes a few seconds to make a donation online, but the satisfaction that you feel about that donation can make you feel better for months to come. There are dozens of websites and thousands of charities that need support to succeed. You might watch PBS at home and see the network running fundraising drives that give you a small gift for making a donation, or you might come across a campaign on Kickstarter or a similar site and decide to give a few dollars to a certain product. Making a donation can help both you and the organizers of that fundraising effort.

Can You Write Off Your Donation?

Every American must file taxes every year before the April deadline or request an extension to file later. The IRS will either request that you make a payment on your taxes or send you a check for the amount that you overpaid throughout the year. Certain charitable donations let you write off the amount that you gave to the charity. For example, if you give $100, you can write off that same amount on your taxes. The IRS requires that you receive nothing in exchange for your donation. If the charity gives you something as simple as a tote bag, you cannot write off the donation.

Where Does the Money Go?

Once you make a donation, you have no say in what that charity or organization does with the funds. These organizations must keep a public record of what happens to the money, which you can look up online. Some of the funds go towards paying the salaries of those working for the organization, a portion goes to paying for the supplies needed for that organization to operate and the remaining balance goes into a fund to pay for any other costs it incurs.

Make a Donation Today

If you want to donate money to a good cause today, one charity to consider is Sing for Hope. This charity will keep your payment information secure, and it offers a variety of payment choices. You can make a donation as little as $50 or as much as $1,000, and you can also choose a larger or smaller amount. You also have the option of making a one-time payment or a monthly payment in a domination of your choosing. There are thousands of other charities and organizations online that need help from people just like you.

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