Tips To Bronze Without Exposure To Dangerous Sun Rays

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Mary Kay - Virginia Linzee

Want that tan look without the dangers of being in the sun for hours? You can have it and it’s easier then you might think! Follow these simple steps from?Mary Kay Celebrity Makeup Artist Virginia Linzee and you?ll look like a bronze beauty in no time!

  • Start with Mary Kay? CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in a tone one shade darker than your own. Don?t be afraid! This product is sheer, which means it?s easy to blend. Blend the CC Cream all the way down to the chest and shoulders, if they are showing.
  • The next step is to contour using a bronzer like Mary Kay? Bronzing Powder. Pick a color that is one to three shades darker than your own. Using a cheek brush, apply exactly where the sun hits the face naturally, especially the hair line, temples, tip of the nose, cheeks and chin. For an all-over glow, hit the shoulders and the top of the collar bone, too.
  • When applying bronzer, using the right brush is a ?must,? as it keeps application soft, while helping blend the color for a natural-looking glow. As a final step, use a clean makeup sponge to fully blend the makeup.
  • In the summer, it can be hard to maintain a makeup look from morning to night. Use Mary Kay? Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindin?via to help makeup last for up to 16 hours. It?s also a great refreshing spray to use throughout the day!
  • Battle the shine with Mary Kay? Beauty Blotters Oil-Absorbing Tissues. They’re great to keep in your bag for touch-ups while on the go.


(I apologize for the terrible picture, the camera battery died before I could get a better one.)

Do you know that bacteria can spoil most makeup? That’s why mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and lip gloss , concealer, foundation, face powder, blush have limited shelf life unlike Energizer’s bunny which keeps on going. So I routinely replace my cosmetic bag’s great products every three months to two years depending on product formulation.

Here are my thoughts on these four hot weather musts compliments of Mary Kay.

Mary Kay CC Cream with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 (SMRP $20)–What a fantastic lightweight cream! It not only protects and conceals but it also helps prevent sunburn, decreases the risk of skin cancer, and lessens the chance of early skin aging.

Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinavia (SMRP $18)–Describe it as colorfast, breathable, oil-free, non-sticky. No more makeup meltdown with this refreshing spray. Just a few quick spritzes set makeup from morning to night.

Mary Kay Bronzing Powder (SMRP $18)–Perfect for those who want to avoid UV rays yet want their skin to have summer sun-kissed color, warmth, and glow. This subtle solid does not clog skin pores or emphasise skin lines and wrinkles.

Mary Kay Beauty Blotters Oil-Absorbing Tissues (SMRP $6)–As the day goes on, one gentle pat of this tissue absorbs oil and reduces shine for a soft matte finish. Easier and quicker than a total repaint, this matchbook size packet fits into a small purse while full makeup doesn’t,

Normally I use minimal makeup; however, when it’s time to get out and about and sparkle, I rely on Mary Kay for makeup, skincare, body and sun. I am confident that my “face” will stay on longer and smoother. Mary Kay may not be as cheap as its competition but its 100% guarantee without a time limit, makes it worth any added expense. What’s more, I can explore my beauty needs.

When is more less? that answer is simple for me: When the beauty consultant makes her business by selling a variety of products (like clothes, jewelry, toys, collectibles) instead of a line of beauty aids. Be assured she is up on the latest tips and trends.

For more information or to find a consultant go to You can also find Mary Kay on Facebook and Twitter.

How do you “get some color” during the summer?

10 thoughts on “Tips To Bronze Without Exposure To Dangerous Sun Rays

  1. Don’t you just hate it when your camera dies!! I’ve used MK in the past and even sold it. I just don’t care about being tan as I use to when I was young. I wished I had olive skin ….but NO I’ve got white skin…..

    1. I wanted different hair color and a bad salon job showed me how wrong it was for me. Skin, hair, and eyes compliment one another.

  2. My mom sold Mary Kay for years and she and all the doctors I’ve gone too all say if you live in CA you need sunscreen every day of the year! That’s what we live by! Also during the summer those blotting papers really come in handy!

    1. Anywhere–not just in tropical climates–skin cancer is a danger so lessen it by using sunscreen.

    1. Glad my acne left after the birth of my kids but good to know
      that OTC products are now available for problem skin.

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