Sol Republic Tracks V8 Headphones Review

The product featured was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. Please note that any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

Sol Republic Tracks Headphones

I was born before television became an integral part of American life. I gathered near the radio and listened intently to heroes like the Green Hornet, the Shadow , Sky King, and Ellery Queen thwart the bad guys. More than a half century later although programming has changed, I still enjoy listening except now it’s tunes and talking books.

Be it via RV, car, or other modes of transport, Hubby and I spend much time on the road. His response to my offers of driving are, “I want to get there,” as he tunes in either sports, NASCAR, or country music. Droning noises of opinionated, know-it-all announcer incessantly screaming about everything except actual game plays, wining auto engines, and singers wailing woes have made it impossible for me to enjoy any CD’s, DVD’s, or iTunes up until now.

Two thumbs up to SOL REPUBLIC. With it I can now enjoy my own soundtrack of life on my iPod, iPad, or Apple computer. With Tracks8–no deaf ear for me. I can listen to Bruce, The Eagles, The Phantom of the Opera, whatever I want, not disturb the driver, and enjoy my way instead of ear plugged sounds of silence.

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks V8 is a virtually unbreakable, solidly built, flexible plastic headset. Its lightweight, durable, sleek modern design calls back memories of DJ’s with headphones. Its sealed noise-isolating design makes it a great choice for travelers and students.

Tracks V8 integrated microphone and remote control slide move easily and effortlessly. High clarity bass sound is distinctive. Even though it is the lower end of the ear line, its premium deep clear range excels .I just wish its earcups had more play and its cable was not yoke.

Tracks V8 is a full-sized wired, binaural headset with stereo input. With smartphone integration, abililty to be personalized by headband, driver modules, and cables, and an affordable $99.99 SMRP, I am free to enjoy and to do my own thing–no more sports, NASCAR, and country for me. Tracks can be purchased in black or red at Target and other locations.

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