Random Rock Thought

Rock N Roll Neon Sign

Rock and roll and I were born about the same time so you can say we grew together. Adults disapproved of R&R–too much spiritual fervor and too much sexual analogy. However, teens loved its black and white cultural collision backbeat. 50’s singers’ live performance backed by piano, sax, guitar, and drums kept the joint jumping. Jerry Lee Lewis carved his name in history when he burned his piano. Others followed smashing guitars.

Just imagine one of the classic Larrivee Guitars being treated so poorly. Its engraved laser acoustic inlays are works or art–a delight to the eyes as well as to the ears. Good showmanship perhaps but what a waste of great instrumentation! Want to see one? One is in orbit at the International Space Station. Too far? Then perhaps a tour of its Victoria, British Columbia factory would be better.

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