Monsters University Movie

Princess loves Monsters as evidenced by picures of her riding Mike & Sully to the Rescue and with Sully. I can hardly wait to take her to see the new G-rated Monsters University movie currently in theaters. I know how much she loves watching its sequel Monsters, Inc. made in 2001.


Let me explain. Audiences wanted more Michael “Mike” (green walking eyeball) Wazowski voiced by Billy Crystal so it developed a prequel. Backstory is six-year-old Mike went on a field trip to Monsters, Inc. and decided he wanted to be a scarer. Thirteen years later he is in Monster U, majoring in scaring. Mike meets James P. “Sully” (big blue furry lump) Sullivan voiced by John Goodman and this is their coming of age story.

These two –studious vs arrogant–are good yet complete opposite oddballs who don’t get along. Their rivalry and antics make Dean Hardscrabble decide to expel them. Their only chance is to enter and win the Scare Games. They team up with other underdogs Terri Perri (Sean Hayes, Terry Perry (Dave Foley), Squishy Squibbles (Peter Sohn), and Don Carlton (John Gooel) and Art (Charlie Day). It’s right stuff against fright stuff, nerds vs jocks, and ambition vs luck and limitation. They must beat all competitors and Roar Omega Roar.

The characters in this feature mirror human life, relationship development, and bonding. We all know people in the real world who honor cheating, pranks, humiliation. We also know others who espouse wits, friendship, cooperation, believing in oneself, and teamwork. Glad Disney recognizes natural ability not athletics is what separates good guys from bad ones.

This 104 minute computer-animated movie is a charming, amusingly funny, family friendly, well-crafted comedy. While the plot holds no surprises, its intricate artwork is bright and cheerful. Improved lighting with global illumination and softer shadows make scenes look natural and realistic. Hope Pixar follows up with more Monster tales… gotta love ’em…don’t we all?


Here are two clips.

First Contact

ROR Material

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