Minnie’s The Wizard of Dizz! DVD Review

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnies Wizard Of Dizz

I remember how my youngest son LA scolded me when I neglected to share my Minnie DVD with his little boy LA. My defense that such releases were for girl audiences held no water with him. He sternly reminded me that everyone loves the Fab Five, Daisy too.

No escaping his wisdom, I now regularly enjoy Disney Junior to his almost two year old toddler son. Our next movie date is Minnie’s The Wizard of Dizz which I just previewed. Let me fill you in it, its bonus episodes, and songs.

When a tornado spirals Minnie and Pluto away from home to the land of Dizz, The Wizard of Dizz becomes a magical not scary take off-on The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy and Toto. A journey down a yellow brick road, a Pink Crystal City, and companions Scarecrow Goofy, Tin Man and Lion Donald provide the adventure.

Rainbow trees, butterfly bows, and Chipmunchkins add to the excitement. Clarabelle, Ludwig von Drake, and Coco the Flying Monkey are there to assist BUT…. Watch out for Tricky Pete when he decides he must have Minnie’s sparkling green shoes.

Available online and at local retailers, June 11, 2013, Minnie’s The Wizard of Dizz (running time 101 minutes) has a $19.99 SMRP. It contains:

  • The Wizard of Dizz–Full-length Adventure
  • Two More Episodes:
    The Golden Boo Boo–Puzzle piece cues help Daisy O’Dare find the real bird.
    Goofy’s Gone–A trail of laughs and fun helps the MM crew track their friend.
  • Ten New Minnie Bow-Toon Songs: The Pom-Pom Problem, Leaky Pipes, Trouble Times Two,, A Shop in the Dark, Figaro’s Friend, Flower Fix, Dance Lessons, Bow-Bot, In Plane Sight, and Fashion Emergency
  • Free download to Minnie’s Bow Maker Digital Book application

I can’t wait until AL and I watch this full-length clubhouse DVD together. Disney Television’s Playhouse Disney Originals like this help promote good thinking. What’s more their mousekatools, riddles, and games provide colorful, age-appropriate fun as well as values like the power of goodness and there being no place like home.

Here is a clip called Mickey The Tin Mouse.

Here’s some pritable activity sheets.

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