Matchbox Heroes Wanted

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Matchbox Heroes Wanted

My three sons’ Matchbox die-cast truck/lorry, bus, tractor, motorcycle, trailers and passenger cars models were measured by bucketsful. I can’t help but wonder how valuable their classics would be today if they had chosen to display them rather than to play with them. BUT keeping their vehicles unopened in pristine packaging would have defeated the purpose of toys–raining children for life in society.

FYI: Since pre-historic times toys have been around. Furthermore , since ancient times children have played with miniature versions of vehicles. Don’t believe me? Think about caveman drawings, Indus Valley finds, and antiquity’s Greek vases.

JP, ET, and LA had fun with their 1-75, Micro, Mini-Micro and NASCAR replicas collections. Now a generation when their progeny visit grandma’s house, their Matchboxes found a second life sans the ones they used on the demolition derby they staged after they accompanied their father to the races.

Matchbox to commemorate its 60 year anniversary will be honoring today’s heroes-in-training, the kids who play with Matchbox of course. In addition to a $60,000 college scholarship grand prize, sixty prize packs (Matchbox branded gift box, personalized photo-frame thank you card, and four Matchbox vehicles) will be awarded in Matchbox Heroes Wanted Promotion.

This contest is open now through May 23, 2013, to anyone with a boy or girl 3-10. So check out then submit your hero’s picture along with a caption explaining why. All entries will be included on the Matchbox Heroes Wanted Facebook gallery.

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