Littlest Pet Shop: Little Pets, Big Adventures DVD Review

Littlest Pet Shop: Little Pets Big Adventures Dvd

Familiar with the My Littlest Pet Shop franchise since soon after the birth of #1 Granddaughter, it was no surprise to me when Hub TV collaborated with Hasbro Studios to premiere it in animated Saturday morning show November 10, 2012. It is no surprise to me now that that Shout Kids is releasing Season One’s first five episodes (rated TV-Y) January 15, 2013.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if teen #1 Granddaughter has all of the 3,000+ pets released over the years. As of last Christmas, she was still collecting them. Now grandbaby Princess who loves animals is into them. Just sent some out in a Christmas box to her. I know she will pretend/play and love them. Too bad I couldn’t include a Littlest Pet Shop DVD with it. Rest assured though that it will follow early in the new year.

Young girls will identify with stylish, creative schoolgirl Blythe Baxter. Because Blythe is wholesome, well-rounded, and active, she is good role-model. She loves fashion; she loves pets. Things get interesting when she and her father move to their Big City apartment over Littlest Pet Shop.

Blythe has a secret talent–she can understand and talk to pets. Seeing her and her animal friends save the pet shop, hold a fundraiser, rescue the pets in Largest Ever Pet Shop, and learn about people and feelings while overcoming the not always nice Biskit Twins is age appropriate fun.

Kids love pets too and wait until you see the pet shop sampling. It includes pink Zoe, a songster King Charles spaniel; gray Pepper Clark, a comic skunk; green Vinnie Terrio, a dancing gecko; pink Minki Mark, an artistic monkey; blue Sunil Nevia, magician mongoose; brown Russell Ferguson, organizer hedgehog; and purple Penny Ling, a panda with ribbons.

Episodes Include:
? Blythe?s Big Adventure ? Parts 1 & 2
? Bad Hair Day
? Gailbreak!
? Penny For Your Laughs

DVD Bonus Content:
? ?A Look Behind The Pet Shop Doors? featurette
? Coloring Sheets

Look for Littlest Pet Shop, Little Pets, Big Adventures online and in retailers nationwide. The one disc 110 minutes collection has a $14.97 SRP.

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