Hallmark’s Get Carded Challenge Followup

Hallmark Get Carded Challenge

Ring. Ring. Ring.

I pick up the land line and hear the voice of my old teaching partner who I haven’t seen in a year. It truly was great hearing from him. He just got my card in the mail and thanked me for remembering him. How could I not? After all we are friends. We reminisced for a while then promised to keen in touch and get together soon.

None of my kids mentioned my cards but to be absolutely fair all of them either called or stopped by as did my middle son’s high school sweetheart. (They got back together a couple of years ago and are talking about setting a date.) No news from anyone else.

That one telephone call made it worth while. I cared. That’s why I took the challenge (see March 28, 2013 post). Come next time around, I’ll do it again.

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