Free Blogger Spots AVailable For Buzzworthy Books of Summer iPad Mini Giveaway Event

buzzworthy books of summer ipad mini

There are free blogger spots available for the Buzzworthy Books of Summer iPad Mini Giveaway Event sponsored by Reader Spoils. This giveaway will begin on Wednesday, July 24th at 12:01am and ends on Wednesday, August 14th at 11:59pm. One winner will be randomly selected from all valid entries to receive a 16GB black iPad Mini valued at $329.99!

Click Here To Sign Up! If you sign up please say that Here And There sent you.


Each blogger receives 1 free link of choice (Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram)
Additional Links can be purchased at $3 each. These links can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or Pinterest.
We have 4 co-host spots available for $12 each. This includes 2 links for the giveaway event, a back link to your blog on the giveaway page and a page for you to host during the event.
The giveaway html will be sent out by Sunday, July 11th and posts must be live by noon on Friday, July 26th. We will send out reminder emails for those who forget to post.

Payments can be made via Paypal to

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