Fiber One Protein Bars Review

The product featured was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. Please note that any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

Fiber One Protein Bars

Bringing your own protein helps the diet. Nibble as you go. It’s instant gratification that does not cut into the wallet.

Rest stops, vending machines, and quick service make it harder to eat smart while traveling–be it day trips or longer hauls. Alternative suggestion: brown bag or insulated bag including a bottle of water, a package of mints, a healthy snack like crackers and cheese, fresh fruit, and protein as in Fiber One Protein Bars.

The first time I tried a Fiber One bar, its look and delicious chocolaty taste fooled me into thinking it was candy. That is when I made it a shopping list staple, and lucky I did since my total electric home was totally without power for two weeks after Hurricane Sandy’s direct hit–but that is another story.

The NEW Chewy Coconut Almond and Caramel Nut are the best yet. Visit for more information about Fiber One Protein Bars and other Fiber One products. Fiber One Protein Bars are available at major grocery stores nationwide in five-count boxes, at a suggested retail price of $4.19.

Fiber One is online, as well as on Facebook.

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