Experience Kissimmee Day 2 ? @VisitKissimmee Decade Of Memories Contest ? #Kiss10


Day Two’s itinerary takes us to familiar favorites Gatorland (see May 12, 2012 post), Premium Outlets, and Arabian Nights Dinner Show (see November 24, 2010 post).


Old time Gatorland stunt double?Bill?serves as personal tour guide for us. FYI Gatorland is a frequent movie set that shades of James Bond and Indiana Jones themselves have frequented. ?I am fascinated by what I learn about the American alligator, a timid, solitary, territorial reptile. ?Freshwater, jaws, and teeth differentiate him from the crocodile. ?Considered mature at six feet, his muscular flat tail propels him through water. ?His muscular jaw is quick and powerful closing but so slow and weak opening that duct tape immobilizes it.

Showtime Gator Jumparoo and ?Up Close Encounters along with individual exhibits of Houma, Louisiana’s white alligators, the breeding marsh, and the wading bird rookery make Gatorland a unique 110 acre theme park and wildlife preserve. ?It is a fun and an educational ?experience for young and old alike as well as a photographer’s dream opp. ? You should hear middle son’s comments when he sees online my gator wrestling pose with a 82 razor sharp teeth, nine foot ?long gator (duct taped of course). ?Wonder what he would have said if I went on its 1,300 feet zip line towers for more outdoor adventure.
Next stop is Premium Outlets, Vineland Road, Orlando, an outdoor mall 150 name brand outlet stores. ?Perhaps I should say, “Thank you,” to the airlines that charge for carryons and checked baggage EXCEPT I decide I need one or two as Coach calls. ?One clearance priced, reduced 30%, further discounted another 50% brings me one fashionable and stylish white accented with pastels handbag that will compliment my summer wardrobe well. ?Then I head for Dooney and Bourke hoping to find a Disney purse. ?Alas, they are only sold on property and in Disney stores! ?So I head to the Disney Character Warehouse which has no D&B in stock. ?However, I do find three hard to get My Disney Girl costumes but no My Disney Girl doll and some ?souvenirs for the family.
On the ride back to Westgate, I think about past Florida vacations and wish all the family could Experience Kissimmee the way I have. ?I dress for dinner at Arabian Nights. ?Although I have been there before (see November 24, 2010 blog), I know the show changes frequently so it will not be the same old, same old. ? As this is my first backstage and stable tour, I am all psyched up. ?The dinner show The American Princess showcases military-style quadrilles, garrocha, acrobatics, imagination, and the U. S.’s circus-rodeo styles. ?The Chef’s Special, pot roast on puff pastry, is superb. ?No doggie bag for me here.
Back in my suite, Middle son calls and I don’t have the chance to say, “Wish you were here” because he says “Wish I was there,” before I get even one word out. ?I reply, “Kismet.”

Visit Kissimmee is sponsoring the contest of a lifetime that will allow one lucky reader and his/her family their chance to come to this area not one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine but ten times. That?s right, for one Grand Prize winner, the chance to discover a Decade of Memories with ten vacations to Central Florida?s premier vacation destination now awaits. Visit www.decadeofmemories.com to learn more and enter. Hurry, the contest ends on February 28!

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I attended this event as a guest of Visit Kissimmee, with all expenses paid. As always, any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

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