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I am always looking for a bargain. ?Fire sale, clearance sale, end-of-the season sale, going-out-of business sale… I just can’t get enough of them. ?I am a real window shopper. ?I may not always buy but I am always looking. ?Put it down to champagne taste with beer pocketbook.

Police, liquidation, Chinese, Dutch, English, Sealed-first-price, and Vickrey auctions are all right by me. ?Perhaps it is because I enjoy haggling – no set price for me. ?Perhaps it is because I enjoy the last word. ?While the paycheck pays bills and necessities, I allocate my allowance to the little things that mean a lot as long as the price is right.This will be a big win for you readers.

Hubby calls me a shopaholic. ?Not true, not true! ?I deny that emphatically. ?I put controls on my spending by using pre-paid ?gift cards. ?I have a stash of them for special occasions, trips, and everything except budgeted grocery shopping.

Recently I learned about You Never Lose. ?It is a site that auctions off gift cards. ?After looking around I think a $25 gift card would be a good beginning. ?After testing the waters, I can always up the ante in $25 increments. ? I can have as they say, “All the fun and none of the risk” of penny auctions. ?I buy points then bid on cards of equal value. ?Play is free. Plus I get free shipping.

I spent some time online looking at current auctions in progress as well as a few completed ones. ?Wow! ?It is possible to get cards to retailers like AMC Theaters or at a 90% discount. I can’t lose because?for each dollar I spend, I get back Reward Cards with my gift card investment.

Here’s a video that explains how it works.

For more information go online to ??YNL?is offering the code LAUNCH10 for those who register and purchase that first gift card. ?That is a big win.

I am to receive a gift card in exchange for sharing information about this site. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

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