Waste Not. Want Not.

Born shortly after the turn of the century, both my parents lived through the Great Depression. From the stories they told, I decided early on that there was nothing great about the time EXCEPT for the sense of family and commitment to it. America can thank FDR and his programs like the WPA for bringing out country and our people through tough times.

The WWII years brought more hardships on the U. S. A. Products like rubber, fuel oil, gasoline, nylon stockings, shoes, meats, fats and sugar were strictly rationed. Things like new automobiles, whiskey, and cigarettes were scarce. Since our men fighting overseas, our women joined the work force.

I myself although a toddler remember the blackout so that enemy subs, U2’s, and bombers couldn’t easily target our coast and its cities. Things like painted auto headlights, window shades black on the outside, and
lights off after dark had become the way of life.

Times were hard. Produce was local and seasonal; frozen food in its infancy; tins limited in supply.No wonder my mother served so many soups and stews and made her own baby foods. Oddly enough though, looking back, I never felt deprived. Back in the 40’s it was a world of waste not, want not.

Last evening, I was learning my refrigerator. Hubby had turned his nose up to the roast beef leftovers. I never thought the man could get enough of his beef. Only Clara Peller in the old Wendy’s commercial demands more. That is when I had a Galloping Gourmet moment (not really).

Out to the counter came leftover roast beef, fresh produce potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, bullion, parsley, pepper, and a can of plum tomatoes. Chop, chop the meat. Scrape, scrape the veggies. Dice, dice the carrots and celery. Process but not liquefy the onions and garlic. Crock pot out–everything in along with one and a half cups of water. Simmer overnight.

I just sampled the finished product. ?Tastes pretty good to me. ?Hopefully hubby will like it. I’ll let you know later.

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