Star Wars Weekend Retrospect

Star-studded events, autograph and picture opportunities, and extra
special shows made my travel out of this world. So little time for so
much to do and, of course, I had to try to do it all. I failed
though simply because a body cannot be in two places at the same time.
So a triple feature it must be.

First Show: Star of the Saga
With James Arnold Taylor, voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi – Star Wars,
Celebrity Host for another Star Wars Weekend, how could I not be
entertained? Special shown Stars of the Saga began with a humorous
new stormtroopers skit. Andy Secombe (Watto) and Ray Park
(Darth Maul) on stage and some very special characters pleased the crowd and me.

Next Show: Obi-Wan and Beyond
I became a big fan of talented James Arnold Taylor last year. I
wanted more of his own particular comic fun. The repeat performance
of his one man Obi-Wan and Beyond show did not disappoint. His galaxy
of 130+ voices (all his own) on stage…now that really is
entertainment. I just can’t get enough.

Last Show: Visit to the Maul
I am not much into the physical. I was in the Visit to the Maul
audience to see more James Arnold Taylor. However, Ray Park (Darth
Maul)’s stage presence changed that. His bringing kids on to the
stage for a lesson in lightsaber techniques was a true scene stealer.
Park’s martial arts training in unarmed strikes and grappling plus
weapon based skills is awesome.

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