Sleuths Dinner Theatre, Orlando, Florida Review

I love drama; I love theater. I am also familiar with Sleuths Dinner Theatre Orlando (see 11/17/2009 and 2/25/2011 posts). So I insisted hubby take me to see Lord Mansfield’s Fox Hunt and Banquet. We had previously seen WKZY and Squire’s Inn, two of the thirteen original comedy mysteries in Sleuth’s repertoire. I knew I would love the play; I knew hubby would love the multi-course meal.

I allowed hubby to order for me. His entree decision, prime rib, was easy. Served against a 2.5 hour scripted show, food and drink was abundant and tasty. Hubby couldn’t decide upon which dessert so our waiter came up with a sampler solution.

A superb cast, improvisation, and audience participation made us enjoy every minute of the 2.5 hour scripted show and its aristocrat players. Lord Mansfield must die. Suspects include the gypsies, a quirky maid, Lady Mansfield, and the attorney. Who has means, motive, and opportunity? Whodunit? I was thrilled when I actually managed to solve the crime.

For more information on Sleuths located at 8267 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819, go to or call 800-393-1985.

Sleuths Orlando is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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