Scruble Cube Puzzle Game Review

Scruble Cube

The top-selling Rubik Magic Cube puzzle game arrived on the scene in 1974. Consider it the best puzzle of its time, but, watch out Rubik’s, there is a new cube on the block. Its name is SCRUBLE Cube.

The standard SCRUBLE cube measures approximately three inches on each side. It consists of 96 miniature cubes on a concealed internal interlocking pivot mechanism that allows the cubes to rotate independently. Each cube face has either a scoring peg or letter (proportionate to English frequency). With 3-D 1.4 X 10 45 or 7,401 septillion possible configurations, possibilities are almost endless.

Scruble Cube

SCRUBLE is a brainteaser. SCRUBLE is a vocabulary builder. SCRUBLE is an amusing, fun educational tool that helps build logical deduction, analytical processing, and word development. Play it alone or compete with 2-4 players. Spell using one, two, three or four faces.

Test your skill and decide for yourself if it is indeed the World’s Greatest 3-D Word Game. But, please, please, don’t cheat by taking off the stick on letters and replacing them on the visible side. Like the song says, “now let’s twist,” you gotta twist. FYI: Every cube is made so its top face letter turns 360 degrees so you don’t have to look at things upside down or at an angle.

Want more challenge? There is a single solution which returns SCRUBLE to its original configuration and spells SCRUBLE CUBE in two directions (original configuration in directions).

Best played by those 8 and up, the SCRUBLE Cube comes with instructions, score pad and timer. When company arrived this weekend, I decided to check out game play. Most interesting with a caveat: Have a dictionary on hand. Some people can’t spell; others use tricky words.

SCRUBE CUBE has a $24.99 SMRP. You can find it online as well as in stores like Barnes and Noble, the Learning Express, and FAO Schwartz.
It is lightweight, portable, and an ideal traveling companion since no electric or battery is required only the energy of the mind. I like the game.

Scruble Cube is also on Facebook.

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