Schwan’s – Perfect For Summer BBQ

Retired I watch my pennies…no surprise since I started watching them the day I got my first job fifty years ago. I like to get bang for the buck so I just won’t pay high prices for convenience. I like shopping. Still there are times, I must admit, that door to door is nice. Recently I had the opportunity to check out direct-to-home food delivery from Schwan’s, the largest food service provider.

Schwan’s manufactures, markets, and distributes more than 400 branded products under its Schwan’s and LiveSmart labels. It sells big and almost everything from fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, entrees, pizza, pasta, sides, appetizers, snacks, ice cream, desserts to beverages that goes into your freezer.

Everyone knows the Northeast is having a heat wave. While I was at therapy, my Schwan’s order arrived. I carried it inside worried than its contents had defrosted. I rushed into the kitchen and took off the insulated cooler labeled DRY ICE’s plastic wrapping. Some dry ice which I put aside still remained safe in sealed bags. Still frozen solid, I took out my red, white and blue Independence Day special and gave a sigh of relief. I didn’t have to worry as Schwan’s packaging did its job 100% preserving.

In a little while hubby and I are entertaining poolside. He volunteered to fire up the grill while I set things up. Schwan is supplying appetizer, entree, and dessert. Let you know later what those at the table think.

Everyone ate heartily and commented favorably on the finger food asparagus spears, nude freezer-to-grill quarter pound burgers and loaded California burgers topped with fully cooked bacon slices, and the Monkeying Around Banana sweet treat (on par with now discontinued Carnation Fantasia ice cream). Hubby even told me aside that it was delicious barbecue, one of the best ever. I feel I must put on record it was a fantastically affordable value.

Right now I am checking for bi-weekly specials online as well as in Schwan’s catalog. I am planning another Schwan’s Summer Sizzle. At the top of my list is Monkeying Around Banana–banana ice cream with graham cracker swirl and fudge coated banana pieces.

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