Review Of Chloraseptic Green Tea, Chloraseptic Lolipops, and Ludens Orange Supplements – They Work for Me.

Ludens Orange Drops Chloraseptic Green Tea Honey Lozenges

I am extremely prone to URI’s. Years ago after extensive testing, the doctors had an ah-ha moment. They decided both rapid and or sudden changes in temperature and exposure to strong fumes precipitated my illnesses. Nowadays I avoid deserts and arctic regions and avoid sprays and aerosols as much as I can.

Next week both will be impossible. I am leaving the North’s frigid, freezing temps and traveling to warm, sunny LA by route of Fort Lauderdale (another story). Safe bet is that it will result in inevitable pain from an irritated throat and sore mouth. Airport and airplane time is 14.5 hours total between stops. Ouch!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Therefore, I am packing a special medicine bag – all my regular prescriptions and over-the-counters plus Chloraseptic Warming Sore Throat for me. I do not need anyone to recommend it to me. Its oral anesthetic/analgesic benzocaine gives me fast acting pain relief. I learned long ago that it is #1 pharmacist recommended lozenge.

My airline no longer gives complimentary anything – not even water for those taking medicine. I will be bringing on board each leg of my journey two water bottles filled at the cooler after ALL security checks (I have done this many times. Rest assured it is 100% legal.) I will carry single serve packets if I desire any flavoring. Frugal me resents any non-alcoholic charge to keep passengers hydrated. Give me a break at least coffee, tea, and water should be complimentary not $2 per paper cup…. Which brings me back to sore throat.

The Chloraseptic Green Tea with Honey variety’s SMRP is $3.99 for 18 lozenges. ONE will last longer and taste better than what the steward or stewardess has. ONE will be approximately 90% cheaper than that cup of tea. BONUS: No service required – important when you are flying economy.

I have already inside my one checked bag (I refuse to take a carry on since my airline charges for that too), a box of ten individually wrapped medicated KIDS Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lollipops (assorted flavors of grape, strawberry, and orange). I plan to have them for my grandbaby. She had some throat and ear problems earlier in the year so I wanted to be prepared and let nothing spoil our time together just in case….

Having tried them myself already, I can assure you that designed for children three +, that they do really do work to temporarily relieve and numb pain. Available over the counter with a $3.99 SMRP, they are not candy and should not be used as such.

I am tucking a bag of Ludens Orange Supplement Drops into my personal carryon (no pocketbook; just my computer case). Just one drop gives 100% the daily value of Vitamin C, something many believe helps stop the common cold. Made with real orange juice, it tastes good and helps to relieve dry throat symptoms. With a suggested retail of $1.79 for 25 drops, I can afford to keep them stocked in my medicine cabinet.

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