Hillshire Farm Grilled Chicken Breast Review

With record heat waves, wildfires, and drought, a state of emergency exists through much of the U. S. ?Odd peculiar but not funny that people in the Northeast are experiencing temps hotter and higher at times than those in America’s deserts.

Q: ?Who wants to go outside to grill?
A: ?No thanks, it is hotter out there than inside.

Q: ?So who wants to cook a hot meal and heat up the kitchen.
A: ?Certainly not me.

With that said, I still indulge my man who likes home cooked ?meals. However, I must fess up, “I cut corners.”

Recently I tried Hillshire Farm Grilled Chicken Breast , found in the refrigerated section of the supermarket. ? How could I not try two fully cooked individually wrapped chicken breasts (120 calories per serving) ?that heat in 60 seconds? ?One problem though – which one – original, lemon pepper, italian style, or garlic & herb – would I try first.

Eany, meany, miney, moe – I pick Italian.? Strategy is simple as is my menu: ?mixed salad w. dressing, pasta & sauce, chicken parmesan.

With this product hubby no longer has to live by bread alone. Hillshire Farms Grilled Chicken Breast means better meals for him. ?No cooking required; just heat in the microwave until hot (about 60-65 seconds). ? When served, ?hubby cleaned his plate and requested more. Strange for a man who insists he does not like chicken! ?Next time I will buy a couple of packages so the big man’s appetite is fully sated.

Here are three more fast, easy to prepare, simple meals I am planning: original for chicken caesar and soup; lemon pepper w. fresh veggies and mashed potatoes; garlic & herb w. lettuce, tomato, and onion on a bakery baguette.

Hillshire Farms Grilled Chicken Breast is available in most major grocery stores nationwide. ?With a $4.79 SMRP, it is healthy and nutritious alternative to not cooking.

Hillshire Farms is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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