Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade And Hot Apple Cider K-Cups Review

Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider K-Cups Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade K-Cups

My Keurig is NOT just a hot coffee pot. It brews not only hot coffee but also hot tea, hot cocoa, and hot apple cider. It also brews iced beverages like coffee, tea, and lemonade. Love the convenience of K-Cups; love the selection too.

Recently I was sent samples of two Green Mountain Naturals K-Cups, its Hot Apple Cider made with real apples and its fruit brew lemonade. Take it from me, an old lady who goes to local you-picks, these two products taste deliciously fresh and that is the reason why they are called Naturals.

Too many beverages labeled citrus do not come from a tree. Instead they come from a chemist’s beaker. Imagine lemonade without either the bother of squeezing or the artificial flavors and preservatives. Simply refreshing!

Now imagine apple cider made from sweet orchard apples. Don’t be a Doubting Thomas and put this down as advertising. It isn’t. I dissected a K-Cup and inspected its dried apple pulp myself.

Right now I’m preparing to enjoy lunch poolside, too much to do to go to the boardwalk. I toast to summertime with my lemonade. Meanwhile hubby is readying Halloween decorating, and I am preparing my trick-or-treaters goodie list. At the top of the list (selfish me) is more lemonade and apple cider K-cups.. Why? #1 Reason: It is good stuff. #2 Reason: I don’t always follow directions.

Let me explain how I became a switch hitter. Everyone knows hot lemonade is a great natural sore throat remedy. So when I got a cold, I popped a lemonade K-cup in my pot, adjusted the water, tried it, and liked it. A coupon for iced apple cider inspired me to try an apple cider K-cup over ice. Same situation as the lemonade but in reverse.

I savor my cups and glasses of Green Mountain Lemonade and Hot Apple Cider. I think you will too. Available online and at many retailers, 24 cup packages of Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider lists at $19.49 Fruit Brew Lemonade at $17.49.

Green Mountain Naturals is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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